Skin Clear™ Facial Therapy Wand


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Get Medical Grade Facials right at home!

For the first time ever you can perform Medical Grade Facials at home with Skin Clear™ Facial Therapy Wand! Skin Clear™ Facial Therapy Wand has been used by aestheticians and dermatologists for years with AMAZING results and now we have decided to patent it for at-home use.

Zap those Zits before they ever make it out!

Skin Clear™ Facial Therapy Wand works by using a High-Frequency current that is painless but kills acne-causing bacteria. This bacteria is called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and does not go away with simple face washing. The High-Frequency penetrates deep into the skin layers to kill the bacteria right in its tracks!

Get professional and science-backed results right at home! Skin Clear™ is a leading specialist in medical-grade skincare equipment. With over 100,000 satisfied clients Skin Clear™ has decided to branch out and patent its specialist equipment for at-home use. You no longer have to spend thousands on facials at the clinic ! Get the best results possible right at the comfort of your home!

The Results Speak for Themselves 😍

Not only is it great for the skin. Our Hair Comb attachment promotes blood circulation to the scalp to improve healthy hair growth and kill harmful bacteria in the scalp!

Comes With 4 Attachments

Dot is designed to target specific areas such as target acne spots, pigmentation, and scars to stop them in their tracks.

The tongue is used under the eyes to oxygenates the blood pooled under the eyes and banish dark circles.

Mushroom is used all over the face to target wrinkles, minimize pores, heal blemishes and kill acne-causing bacteria all over the face. 

Hair Comb enhances blood flow through the scalp leading to the production of newer healthier hair follicles with high frequency. It also kills harmful bacteria in the scalp that is trapped in hair follicles and prevents hair growth.


✨ Used by Dermatologists & Aestheticians for years

✨ Kills Acne Causing Bacteria

✨ Oxygenates skin to eliminate pigmentation

✨ Accelerates healing of Acne scars and blemishes 

✨ Enhances Blood Circulation

✨ Promotes Hair Growth

✨ Wakes Up the Skin to Boost Collagen Production

✨ Sends Ozone to the skin to close pores and minimize their appearance

✨ Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles 

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Skin Clear™ Facial Therapy Wand

Skin Clear™ Facial Therapy Wand

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