Smart Scientific Body Scale


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Have full control of your body and monitor every step of the way with the Smart Scientific Body Scale. This scale is more than just an ordinary scale!!! It is highly designed to assist and monitor you with every aspect of your body and your results so you can accomplish your body goals easier!!!

Smart Scientific Body Scale uses cutting-edge Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology. Monitors health score, body type analysis, data fluctuation, and exception analysis. The software can hold data from up to 8 people so your whole family can monitor their progress!!

Smart Scientific Body Scale has 17 key body composition analysis which are:


  1. Weight;
  2. Body Mass Index (BMI);
  3. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR);
  4. Fat percentage;
  5. Percentage of Muscle (Lean Mass);
  6. Bone Mass;
  7. Body Water Index;
  8. Visceral Fat Index;
  9. Age Fitness;
  10. Protein Index;
  11. Amount of Protein;
  12. Standard weight;
  13. Controlled weight;
  14. Fat mass;
  15. Fat-free weight;
  16. Obesity level;
  17. Muscle mass

You can monitor Smart Scientific Body Scale through:

IOS 8.0
Android 4.3
Bluetooth 4.0 

Easy To Use

  1. Scan QR code. Open Your Account 
  2. Open Bluetooth, Binding equipment 

Step On Scale
Please take off shoes and socks and keep your bare feet in touch with the electrodes.


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Smart Scientific Body Scale

Smart Scientific Body Scale